Exquisite Jewelry from The Turquoise Door

The Turquoise Door offers high quality Native American jewelry as well as Latin American folk art. We feature hand-crafted turquoise jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and pendants.

For centuries, Native American jewelry has played a seminal role in the lives of certain Native American tribes.. Many of these tribes of the southwest, including the Zuni, the Navajo, and the Hopi, continue to create and trade a variety of authentic native american jewelry. Each of these tribes continues to borrow motifs and ideas from one another, yet each tribe’s jewelry upholds its own original and distinguishable style. Native American jewelry is world-renowned for its unique and tasteful style.

Coveted Turquoise Native Jewelry

Turquoise has been a highly coveted for thousands of years due to its unique vibrant hue and texture. The abundant availability of turquoise in the southwest has made it possible for Native Americans to create beautiful and rare turquoise jewelry.

The Best Selection of Turquoise Jewelry in Austin

The Turquoise Door is the best place for Turquoise jewelry in the Austin, TX area. Located on Austin’s historic South Congress district, Austinites can visit The Turquoise Door for all jewelry desires. Whether you are looking for Native American jewelry such as pins, necklaces and bracelets for yourself or for a gift, you can find them at The Turquoise Door. We stock a wide variety of jewelry, including everything from every day wear to pieces that are more elegant and lavish for those special occasions. Make a style statement, and show your commitment to encouraging the arts and crafts of the Native American tribes.

The Who’s Who of Native American Jewelry Makers

Our handcrafted Native American jewelry is authentic and reflects the true spirit and style of the tribes. The stones and motifs used in our jewelry reflect the beliefs and views imparted by the authentic tribes. We have collections created by established Native American jewelry makers such as Jimmy Calabaza, Calvin Begay, Nestoria Coriz, Tommy Singer, Alvin and Bryon Yellowhorse, and Gilbert Smith. While each of these artists follows the basic design elements used by their tribe, they also incorporate their own interpretations and innovations into the pieces they create.